Dominican Republic culture,
what a colorful blend!


This page is dedicated to Dominican Republic culture,
Dominican people
, their
history, their food, music and art.

Dominicans are very proud of their country.
That's why when you visit
Dominican Republic they'll
go out of their way to make you feel welcome.

dominican republic people

Dominicans are the happiest people you'll ever meet!

Dominican culture is
very colorful. Its roots
are an exotic combination of
Spanish, African and Taino.

This mix of cultures
influences their food,
music and art.

Dominican Republic history tells the story of
Christopher Columbus' first voyages.

His encounter with natives - the Tainos - who manifested
their culture with joyful rituals and rupestrian art.

dominican carnival

Dominican girls representing Taino culture

Dominican food is a blend of fresh produce and spices.
You'll notice the
Spanish influence of course but
most of the time the menus in the resorts
are adapted
to satisfy tourists from all over the world.

dominican food

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Dominican Music is fun and upbeat. Merengue and
Bachata are the two most typical music styles in the DR.

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