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Punta Cana Weather

Punta Cana weather is excellent all year round! But planning a vacation is not easy. The weather is one of the most important decision factors. Check out Dominican Republic weather information on this page before booking your vacation. This may avoid some disappointments!

A few key weather facts to consider:

From December to April the weather is cooler. If you are traveling during
these months, make sure you pack a jacket or light sweater for the evenings.

March and April are windy months. Perfect weather for Kite Boarding, especially in Cabarete.

Cabarete Weather

If you want to learn about Kite Boarding or Kite Surfing click here!

The months of May and June are rainy but it almost always rains in the afternoon or late at night. Rainstorms in the Caribbean are short lived anyway. Usually it rains for five or ten minutes and then the sun shines again...and if it rains longer than that, you can always read a good book! That's what I love about the weather in Punta Cana.

August and September are the hottest months in Dominican Republic Weather. Temperatures can reach 90-94 F or 32-34 C. This is also the peak for Hurricane season.

There are various sites on the internet that track Hurricanes. You can check them out if you are planning a trip during these months. But Hurricanes are rare in DR. Dominican Republic has had 11 hurricanes hit land in 80 years.

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